Baptism is one of two Sacraments in the Church of Scotland. The other is the Sacrament of Communion. A sacrament is a sign of something that happens between God and his people. In baptism, water is sprinkled over the head of the person being baptised. This is a sign with several meanings:

  • It is a kind of washing, and reminds us of God's forgiveness.
  • It is a sign of new life given to us by God.
  • It is a sign that God is with us as the Holy Spirit, and is giving his blessing.

In the Church of Scotland most people are baptised as babies. However, you can be baptised at any age, so don't worry if your child wasn't baptised or if you haven't been baptised yourself. Our minister will happily discuss baptism with you.

Welcoming a New Baby

A new baby is a new beginning. Most parents want to give their child a good start in life, and for many parents this means thinking about Baptism or 'Christening'. When you bring your child for baptism you are saying in public that you want your child to be part of the church family. If you already know that you are part of that family yourself you will be sure about baptism for your child.  In this case, please email the Church Office to make preliminary enquiries about dates - 

(Please note the office is normally open on Thursdays.)

But what if you are not sure? You may feel that you ought to be a saint but aren't. You may not be sure what you believe. If so, don't be put off. Beliefs about God and Jesus are deep issues and if you don't understand much, join the club! One of the tasks of the church is to help us discover something of the mystery of God. If you are unsure, talk it over with the minister and then decide.