Notices for week beginning 28 June

28th June 2020

Worship and Prayer
Rev. Jean’s podcasts are continuing through the week - find them on the website under "Worship".
The Rt Revd Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly, has a series, “It’s a Fair Question”, which can be found at
From Isobel and the Pastoral Team
I have been re-reading a book I bought on our first visit to the Shetland Isles in1968.   “Like a Mantle the Sea” (quote from Hymn “O Worship the King”) is the title of Stella Shepherd’s account of her time on the small Shetland island Papa Stour, she, as Teacher in the wee school and her husband as Church of Scotland Missionary to the Island folk.
Obviously, I love to read of her memories in the school, teaching a handful of Primary children, maybe only two or three families.   She finds that she learns as much from her pupils as she imparts to them.
As she moves through the Seasons, we share the difficulties and joys of living in a small, tight-knit Community, in so remote a place.   Stella tells us of the delight as Voar (Spring) takes over from the fierce dark Winter.   Then the Summer idyll when the sun only dips below the horizon briefly, marking the change from one day to the next.   And Autumn, with Hairst (Harvest) Celebrations, then she gives a spiel about the old, pagan, goings-on at Halloween.
Woven into all the Islanders’ never-ending tasks, is the Theme of the Sea, in all its moods, its bounty, its unpredictability, its unthinking cruelty.
When I was much younger (a while ago) I applied for the post of teacher/missionary on Fair Isle, an island which stands alone between Orkney and Shetland.   The other applicant was an older lady whose husband was a retired minister from Edinburgh.   She got the job!   She bought me a lacey Shetland scarf, but I could never bring myself to wear it (peeved!).   But imagine if I’d got that job on remote Fair Isle, how different life would have been.                     
When God says NO to our prayers and pleadings, we must trust He has something better for us.
Pray that we can ease gradually and safely towards a more normal lifestyle.
Keep Faithful, Keep Safe.
Best wishes from the Pastoral Group, Joyce, Moira, Gill and Isobel
While we are subject to distancing, be assured the Pastoral Team are keeping up with members by way of phone calls and cards. If you know of anyone who could benefit from a call please let Isobel, Joyce, Gill or Moira know.
From the Session Clerk (Auchterhouse)
The Kirk session think it would be wise not to open the Church for private prayer this month. We will wait until next month when the next phase is announced and gives us more idea on how we go forward with the disinfecting etc. of the Church once it is opened for the ‘new normal’ services. Sanitisers will be in evidence and placed in various places in and around the sanctuary and vestry (and maybe outside because one of the sanitisers will be free standing). How we behave will depend on whether it is 2m, 1m. or no metre at all!!   Things are getting very confusing, especially with us being behind England.  If all of us in the upper age bracket feel uncomfortable being inside with more than 8 people it leaves very little of you in the ‘younger’ bracket to attend services.
It will be wise if we left off having Guild and afternoon club until next year. I think the WI are thinking along these lines too. Whether speakers would want to go out to speak, may be a problem too.
Take care, keep safe and hope to see you soon,
Love, Elizabeth

News from Crossreach
Crossreach took the opportunity during Volunteers’ Week last month to recognise the incredible contribution made by their volunteer counsellors. March 2020 saw all nine CrossReach Counselling Services closing their doors due to Covid-19, having to find a way of moving to an online/remote platform, previously not undertaken by any of the services.  Over 100 volunteer counsellors signed up to continue to work remotely with their existing clients, and potentially new clients going forward, and undertook extensive training to allow them to work remotely and safely.  To read the full story visit:
One of the volunteers highlighted was Derek who has been volunteering at The Bungalow in Stonehaven for a few years now. Derek keeps the grounds and garden beautiful for everyone to enjoy and has recently been driving staff to and from work. He is also instrumental in the production of “The Bungalow presents Strictly” as the sound engineer and guest judge ‘Bruno’!!
For information on volunteering with CrossReach visit:
As we all continue to live with the impact of Covid-19 and having to maintain social distance, is there someone you wish you could chat with over a cup of coffee and piece of cake? Holding a Virtual Grey Cake Coffee Morning is a great way to connect with your friends and loved ones whilst helping CrossReach to continue to support those who are coping with mental health and wellbeing issues, made all the more difficult by COVID-19.  You can get as creative as you like; share your recipes and compare versions of the same cake. More information:
Stewardship – Ongoing Offerings and Ways of Giving
While we are unable to meet as congregations on Sundays, please consider whether you can give electronically via a Bank Standing Order.  More details can be found in the notices for week beginning 31st May.
Other pastoral and administrative matters
Any items for inclusion in the weekly news sheet should be sent to Bill by noon on Friday.  Help to keep the congregations informed of any events or happenings in the life of our churches during this time of isolation.  Good news is especially very welcome when there is so much of the opposite coming our way.
Please do not forget that we as a church are still functioning and if you need anything, please contact the Manse (01382 351680 or 07960 312218).
Church Office
Caroline is working from home, generally on a Thursday, and can be contacted by email:
Tealing Community Helpline
tel  07340 476007
Please circulate this number to neighbours, family and friends in the village.
It’s NOT for medical advice about Coronavirus, but is here to help anyone in isolation at home who needs some support, for example with shopping, prescription collection, someone to talk to etc. Please also get in touch if you can offer or need any help. Take care in these challenging times everyone. Many thanks to our hardy (all local and reliable) volunteers for making this possible. 
Sandra Burke
(for Tealing Community Council)
Food Bank
Please keep supporting Taught by Muhammed Food Bank.  There is still a donations box in Sainsburys, Broughty Ferry.  If you are in Lochee or the DD4 postcode area, you can donate at Iffys, 63/65 High Street, Lochee DD2 3AT (8am-7pm) or Iffys,17 Baffin Street  Dundee DD4 6HB (8am-8pm).
Phone a Friend
There are lots of people in our congregations who would love to have a chat, especially those who are on their own.  During this time of lockdown the days can be very long when you have no one else in the house.  If you have the time, why not make someone’s day that little bit brighter.