Notices for week beginning 26 July

26th July 2020

From Isobel and the Pastoral Team
Setting the scene – we are sitting in a family home, way up the hill in Auchterhouse.  The view from the window is glorious, with gardens, trees and hills.  Our visit is on a sad occasion, bereavement and loss have come to the family who live here.   Our eyes are drawn to movement in the garden, a roe deer, of rich russet red, is making her way delicately across the lawn, so near to the window.   She is unaware of our watching eyes, as head down, she picks at the grass.   She continues on her way, down the slope, among the shrubs, till we lose sight of her in the nursery of small fir trees.
The mood changes, lightens, we have glimpsed something special.  We have shared this experience of being so near, even part of, the beauty and mystery of Creation.  For a few moments, we have left off from our planning, moved back from our grief, we have taken time to be still and reflect on the full wonder of our Creator, our God, whose presence is ever near even when our thoughts are far from him.
We read of different occasions when Jesus rises early in the morning to go off and be alone – to pray.   If Jesus needed to step apart, to take time, to focus His thoughts on God, how much more do we?   Remember words from Psalm 46: “Be still, and know that I am God”.
Let us, at this time, pray for our congregations, all the people of the Sidlaw parishes, saying, “Bind us together in Love”.
Pray that we can ease gradually and safely towards a more normal lifestyle.
Keep Faithful, Keep Safe.
Best wishes from the Pastoral Group, Joyce, Moira, Gill and Isobel
Meeting of Kirk Sessions
There will be a meeting of the Kirk Sessions of MNMT and Auchterhouse on Tuesday 4th August at Whitfield Parish Church at 7.30 pm.  This is being held to bring us all up to date. It will be held at Whitfield Parish Church to enable us to comply with social distancing measures.  Please send any apologies (MNMT) to Lynn’s email.  If you’re able to pass this on to anyone not on email, that would be great, thank you.
If anybody would like to read the latest guidance on reopening our church buildings from the Church of Scotland, please click on this link below:
From Auchterhouse Session Clerk
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29. 11)
The Kirk Session will  meet and develop a new plan for the next few months as we move out of lockdown. Many of you will be keen to re-open as soon as is possible, but it must be done as safely as possible. We need to simplify the Church of Scotland 30 page guidance on how we prepare for opening. So not as easy as we had hoped. The earliest date we are aiming for is the Sunday 6th September, by that time we may be in Phase 4 with no restrictions. But many of you will be a bit like me -  cautious. There will be help and guidance from Churches which have already opened their door for worship. We are lucky at Auchterhouse that we can work a one way system - in round and out.
Many of us have enjoyed services on a Sunday from the comfort of our living rooms, but these are coming to an end and there is nothing quite like gathering and worshipping together in person.
It was with sad hearts that we learned this week that Wilma Scott had died. Wilma along with her husband were great supporters of the Church and the very best of company. It was a joy to visit them. We will all remember the family in our prayers and be there for support.
Just to finish on a mystery.  We have a pond, which you can see from the Auchterhouse road, it has on it a pair of swans and this year we are so chuffed that they had quads about two months ago. Yesterday the cygnets went for a walk and ended up in Joyce and Bob’s garden. How they got there is a complete mystery and quite a walk for the wee things, not so wee really as they are at the ugly duckling stage, still cute though.  They were utterly exhausted so were taken back to Mum and Dad who were still swimming about not really bothering, which is a worry. They may have just wanted some down time from the family. We all know how that feels.
Take care, stay safe.
Elizabeth / Biz
Other pastoral and administrative matters
Any items for inclusion in the weekly news sheet should be sent to Bill by noon on Friday.  Help to keep the congregations informed of any events or happenings in the life of our churches during this time of isolation. 
Please do not forget that we as a church are still functioning and if you need anything, please get in touch.
Church Office: Caroline is working from home, generally on a Thursday, and can be contacted by email:
Tealing Community Helpline - tel  07340 476007
Please circulate this number to neighbours, family and friends in the village.
It’s NOT for medical advice about Coronavirus, but is here to help anyone in isolation at home who needs some support, for example with shopping, prescription collection, someone to talk to etc. Please also get in touch if you can offer or need any help. Take care in these challenging times everyone. Many thanks to our hardy (all local and reliable) volunteers for making this possible. 
Sandra Burke (for Tealing Community Council)
Starter Packs are taking donations again but by appointment only for now. If anyone would like to drop things off, their phone number is 01382 223977.
Please keep supporting Taught by Muhammed Food Bank.  There is still a donations box in Sainsburys, Broughty Ferry.  If you are in Lochee or the DD4 postcode area, you can donate at Iffys, 63/65 High Street, Lochee DD2 3AT (8am-7pm) or Iffys,17 Baffin Street  Dundee DD4 6HB (8am-8pm).
Phone a Friend
There are lots of people in our congregations who would love to have a chat, especially those who are on their own and finding the days of lockdown particularly long.