Notices for week 14-21 August

14th August 2020

BBC1 this Sunday.  At 10.15 am: Sean Fletcher and Sally Phillips take a look at the week's talking points and explore the ethical and religious issues of the day.  Alongside lively chat, the show also shines a light on inspiring, unique and occasionally unusual stories and people.  At 1.15 pm in Songs of Praise Claire McCollum visits the stunning Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire, discovering how the estate has been a place of Christian worship since the seventh century.
On Radio Scotland at 7.30 am, there is a half hour service led by Rev. Dr Marjory MacLean of Abernyte linked with Inchture and Kinnaird linked with Longforgan.
If possible please could you phone anybody you know who does not have the internet and advise them so that they will have the opportunity to watch/listen to these TV or radio programmes.
Rt Rev. Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly, has a series entitled “It’s a Fair Question” - at
From the Pastoral Group
It has been wonderful this week, to watch the children going back to school.   We now live near the Primary School, in fact we moved into the house the very day (20th March) that the schools closed for lockdown.  So, we had never experienced “school traffic” passing the house.   We have been aware of children passing in family groups, with bikes and scooters, on these “walks for exercise” that have been a feature of these last months.
Very different this mid-week, children with smart uniforms, accompanied by parents and younger siblings, making their way to school again after almost 5 months.  Certainly, the parents must be relieved, but also a little anxious at this move forward into more normal times.
What a challenge for the teachers, so many safety measures to hold the children to, so much missed learning to be assessed, before teaching can begin.   The children in our family and in our Community are precious to us.   We thank God for their energy, enthusiasm, their fresh ideas, their innocent outlook on life that can often draw us up.
We pray that God will guide them in their learning and protect them from harm.   We pray that our local teachers may be strengthened and encouraged in their work with the inspiration and resources they need.
I expect from now on our Mondays to Fridays will be measured out by the joyful noise of Playtime and Lunchtime, and the Hubbub of Hometime.  God Bless our Children!
Pray for our Congregations at this time – “Bind us together in love”.
Pray that we can ease gradually and safely towards a more normal lifestyle. 
Keep Faithful, Keep Safe.
Best wishes from the Pastoral Group, Joyce, Moira, Gill and Isobel
From the Aucherhouse Session Clerk
As was mentioned last week there will be a Session meeting to be held in the Church, rather than the vestry, so that we can keep a safe distance, on Tuesday 25th August at 7.30 pm.  Rev. James Wilson will moderate.
This meeting will be mainly focused on how we can open up safely. The date we are still aiming for is Sunday 6th September, at 11.00 am. The virus has not gone away so there are lots of things to be considered. There are many of us that are a bit cautious about mixing with others. The Church can take 30 people safe distanced. The maximum for Churches is 50. There has been a lot of praying done about this because there is a need to be back amongst our friends.
We also need to pray for Jean and the family, who are about to embark on another chapter in their journey of faith. We all wish them well and not to be strangers.
Something that I got excited about this week was the completion of a garden pond.  I had sunk a big zinc bath, which turned out to have a hole, so no use for a pond. A friend came and dug it a bit deeper and helped me lay the liner and underlay. We then put flat stones around the edge, which I brought round from the back of the steading in my buggy. I tried not to overload it. Now I am so thrilled. I look forward to getting tadpoles next spring, failing that I will go down to neighbours with a jam jar, as they usually have loads to spare. It is not quite big enough for swans to land on though. We have recently seen no sign of the swans or cygnets. I can only hope they were hiding round the back of the island. Once I get the strength to venture down I will have a good explore round the whole of the pond.
Do take care.
From the MNMT Session Clerk
Rt Rev. Dr Martin Fair is inviting everyone to join him for a week of prayer starting on Monday 17th August and finishing on Saturday 22nd.  The initiative will include contributions from the Church of Scotland’s ecumenical partners as well as youth workers, ministers and others from across the church.
The Moderator said the week of prayer will be a chance to “sense where God is leading us.”  He continued:
“We've come through the most challenging of times and though there are glimmers of hope and possibilities, at least now the chance to open our buildings again, none of us can be entirely confident that we are out of the woods and there are still many challenges ahead of us.  And when I say that I mean for the church and for the country as a whole.  It seems to me right therefore that at such a moment as this it would be good for us as a church across the whole nation and beyond to come together to pray.  We believe in a God who has both map and compass, a God who knows the way, and a God who will lead us in the right way.”
Each day of the week of prayer will feature a short morning reflection and an online evening event.
The five-minute morning prayers will be led by Dr Fair or by one of his chaplains, Rev. Gregor McIntyre, minister at Faifley Parish Church in Clydebank or Rev. Catherine Beattie of Giffnock South Parish Church.
The morning prayers will be available on the Church of Scotland website and Facebook page. You will also receive a challenge that you can choose to complete that day, such as praying from the highest place in your local area.
Each evening you are also invited to take part in a 30-minute videoconferencing event, which will include contributions from ministers, youth workers and ecumenical partners including Archbishop Leo Cushley of the Roman Catholic Church and Bishop Mark Strange of the Scottish Episcopal Church.
These online events will include a break-out section where people can reflect together in smaller groups. The events will also be recorded and will be available to watch again - or to catch up if you missed them – on the Church of Scotland’s YouTube channel -
- or Facebook page.
How to take part: visit the Church of Scotland website or Facebook page to view the morning reflections. To join the evening sessions, please contact your minister for details of how to sign up. If you don’t have a minister at present, you can contact Catherine McIntosh at the Church of Scotland offices by emailing
Keep safe.
Other pastoral and administrative matters
Any items for inclusion in the weekly news sheet should be sent to Bill by noon on Friday.  Help to keep the congregations informed of any events or happenings in the life of our churches during this time of isolation. 
If you have a favourite hymn or song you would like to add to “Song for Sunday”, let Bill know and he will try to arrange to have it played.
Please do not forget that we as a church are still functioning and if you need anything, please get in touch.
Church Office: Caroline is working from home, generally on a Thursday, and can be contacted by email:
Stewardship – Ongoing Offerings.  For more information, please see details on the news sheet for 31st May.  You can donate to our churches through the Church of Scotland website by means of PayPal which is easy and secure.

Tealing Community Helpline - tel  07340 476007
Please circulate this number to neighbours, family and friends in the village.
It’s NOT for medical advice about Coronavirus, but is here to help anyone in isolation at home who needs some support, for example with shopping, prescription collection, someone to talk to etc. Please also get in touch if you can offer or need any help. Take care in these challenging times everyone. Many thanks to our hardy (all local and reliable) volunteers for making this possible. 
Sandra Burke (for Tealing Community Council)

Starter Packs are taking donations again but by appointment only for now. If anyone would like to drop things off, their phone number is 01382 223977.

Please keep supporting Taught by Muhammed Food Bank.  There is still a donations box in Sainsburys, Broughty Ferry.  If you are in Lochee or the DD4 postcode area, you can donate at Iffys, 63/65 High Street, Lochee DD2 3AT (8am-7pm) or Iffys,17 Baffin Street  Dundee DD4 6HB (8am-8pm).

There are lots of people in our congregations who would love to have a chat, especially those who are on their own and finding the days of restrictions particularly long.