Notices for week 1-8 May

1st May 2020

The online services from our group of churches (Sidlaw Churches, Monifieth Parish Church, Barnhill St Margaret’s) can be found at
BBC 1 this Sunday – at 10.45 am, service from Bangor Cathedral; at 11.15 am, Reflections at the Quay (from Glasgow).  (Times may be subject to alteration.)
BBC Radio Scotland this Sunday – at 7.30 am, a half hour service fled by Rev. Chris Foxon, a Methodist Minister from Glasgow
Minister’s Evening Reflection Series (new last week): a link is being sent to your email address (if Bill has it on the mailing list) or you can access each podcast from the website under Prayers, Music and Media -
Generally speaking they will be available after 8.00 pm (Monday to Thursday).
From Isobel and the Pastoral Team
What have I been doing all these afternoons when I would rather have been visiting our Members?   Well, I have been painting fences!   I have learned two things from this ongoing painting chore.  Firstly, I will never feel the same about the colour “Forest Green”.   Secondly, I have learned that one must not look ahead at how much still remains to be painted.   No, much better to stay focussed on  the fence post currently being painted.   One loses heart when the amount still to be covered is glimpsed.
Let’s move from the commonplace, to the important issues in our lives.   We read in the Bible, Psalm 119, “Thy Word is a Lamp to my feet and a Light to my Path”.   Notice, we are not promised a beam to shine into the future.   Particularly at this time of uncertainty, we should live a day at a time, trusting God’s Word, relying on His Faithfulness.   The present path we walk is enough for us, brightened by God’s presence with us as we travel through the bad and good.
While we remain subject to distancing, be assured the Pastoral Team are keeping up with members by way of phone calls and cards. If you know of anyone who could benefit from a call please let Isobel, Gill or Moira know.
Best wishes to you all from the Pastoral Group.  Keep safe!
Isobel and the Pastoral Team  (At your Service!).
From the Acting Session Clerk (Auchterhouse)
The lockdown has currently reduced the options of what we do can in our spare time.  One of the things that has meant for me is no golf.   In 1 Corinthians 13 we read that the three enduring gifts are Faith, Hope, and Love.   I would describe golf as the perfect example of the triumph of hope over experience.  No matter the disappointments, hope springs eternal.  Even at this late stage I hope that my best golf is still to come.  Hold on, let me re-phrase that, " I know that my best golf is still to come".
My main pastime at the moment is gardening.  I would describe that as an example of Faith, or maybe even Faith intertwined with Doubt, as discussed by Andrew Kimmit in his excellent online sermon a couple of Sundays ago.  As in farming, you often put in a lot of effort for little immediate return, and you know that there are likely to be disappointments along the way.  However, I've found it to be a hobby where the more attention to timeliness and detail, the greater the return.  As such it is a pretty good template for how we should try to live our lives generally.
From Bob Taylor (part 2)
Dear Lord and heavenly Father
Give us your help we ask
We are your humble children
Each allotted to their task.
Each day we face temptation
However large or small
If we but remember you
We'll reach your highest hall.
Some are tired and weary
A little bit depressed
Smile upon them kindly
Bring them strength and rest.
There are many starving millions
Around the world today
Give them all the help you can
Light up their misery.
We thank you for this service
In a quiet country spot
Make us truly thankful
For all that we have got.
Loving Father make your church a sign of your generous and forgiving love.
Bring your peace and love to a troubled world and be close to all who call upon you.
May they experience the power of your love made known to us.
Other pastoral and administrative matters
Any items for inclusion in the weekly news sheet should be sent to Bill by noon on Friday.  Help to keep the congregations informed of any events or happenings in the life of our churches during this time of isolation.  Good news is especially very welcome when there is so much of the opposite coming our way.
Please do not forget that we as a church are still functioning and if you need anything, please contact Rev. Jean de Villiers at the Manse (01382 351680 or 07960 312218).
Stewardship – Ongoing Offerings 
Please refer to the notices for week 3-10 April or contact either of the treasurers.
The Church Office is closed but Caroline is working from home (usually on Thursdays) and can be contacted at
Tealing Community Helpline
phone 07340 476007
Please circulate this number to neighbours, family and friends in the village.
It’s NOT for medical advice about Coronavirus, but is here to help anyone in isolation at home who needs some support, for example with shopping, prescription collection, someone to talk to etc. Please also get in touch if you can offer or need any help. Take care in these challenging times everyone. Many thanks to our hardy (all local and reliable) volunteers for making this possible. 
Sandra Burke
(for Tealing Community Council)
Food Bank
Please keep supporting Taught by Muhammed Food Bank.  There is still a donations box in Sainsburys, Broughty Ferry.  If you are in Lochee or the DD4 postcode area, you can donate at Iffys, 63/65 High Street, Lochee DD2 3AT (8am-7pm) or Iffys,17 Baffin Street  Dundee DD4 6HB (8am-8pm).
Phone a Friend
If you find the TV is rubbish and you are looking to pass some time why not give someone a ring.  There are lots of people in our church who would love to have a chat.  Particular those who are one their own.  During this time of lockdown the days can be very long when you have no one else in the house.  If you have the time, why not make someone’s day that little bit brighter. 
The Moderator steps up for CrossReach 
The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rt Rev, Colin Sinclair, took part in the 2.6 Challenge on Sunday 26th April 2020 to raise vital funds for CrossReach. The 2.6 Challenge, which enables people to donate money online, takes its inspiration from the London Marathon which was supposed to be held on the same date but was cancelled due to the pandemic.  CrossReach Chief Executive Officer, Viv Dickenson, explained: “The 2.6 Challenge will help fund CrossReach services through this difficult period.  With many of our fundraising challenges being postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 this challenge is a great alternative to help support our life-changing services”.  To read more about Moderator’s participation in the challenge, go to
The May issue of Life and Work is available to all:
The latest news from Eco-Congregation Scotland  can be accessed on the Church website:
For food deliveries to your home, try Les Turriff -
Phone: 01382  773838
(This firm is usually for the catering trade but is currently doing home deliveries.)