Notices for 12-19 June

12th June 2020

Worship and Prayer
The online Sunday service from our own group of churches can again be found at
BBC 1 this Sunday at 10.45 am: Youth Minister Sarah Bradley leads a service from Holy Trinity Platt Church in Manchester; at 11.15 Reflections at the Quay with the Very Revd Dr Lorna Hood, Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland with the artist Iain D, Campbell who has visited Srebrenica and painted portraits there; at 1.15 pm in Songs of Praise Aled Jones revisits people who find spiritual inspiration in the great outdoors, including the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria and Perthshire.  
On Radio Scotland at 7.30 am there is a half hour Act of Worship with Father Jock Dalrymple of St John's and St Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Churches, Edinburgh.  
If possible please could you phone anybody you know who does not have the internet and advise them so that they will have the opportunity to watch or to listen to these TV or radio programmes.
The Rt Revd Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly, pays tribute to the 51st Highland Division who fought continuously for 10 days during and after the Dunkirk evacuations but were finally surrounded at St Valery on 12 June 1940.
He has written a special prayer in commemoration.
On Sunday at 7.00 pm  Christians across Scotland are invited once again to join together in prayer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Living God, you demonstrate your love for us
Though our Lord Jesus Christ.
When we are powerless,
Stand with us in our weakness.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Living God, you demonstrate your love for the world
Through the self-giving of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We remember those who are powerless in our world
And stand with them in their weakness.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Living God, as we stand with others
May we understand more fully the life we share in common.
In understanding more fully
May we embrace the richness of the life you gift us.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Living God, your Holy Spirit
Is the Lord and Giver of Life.
May your love be poured into our hearts
And our lives renewed.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer,
Embrace us, and all Creation,
In the love you demonstrate through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
The minister’s podcasts will continue this coming week:
From Isobel and the Pastoral Team
It has been reported in the Press, that as Churches in Germany plan to resume Public Worship, they must exclude the singing of Hymns from the Order of Service.  What a loss!  To so many folk, the Hymns are a vital and precious resource in the Worship Service.  So often, as the Congregation prepare to leave Church at the end of the Service, they say to their Minister or Worship Leader, “Great Hymns today”, or maybe “You can’t beat the old Hymns”.
Sometimes, or maybe just now and again, the Worship Leader longs to say, “What about the Sermon, did you hear the Sermon?   It took me hours of soul-searching to prepare, whereas I only had to look up the Hymns.”
We can understand the reason behind the withdrawal of Hymn Singing.  It would not do for us all to be pouring out our enthusiastic voices, with the accompaniment of droplets and vapour.   Maybe the muffled sound of us all Praising through masks could become quite a trend, a new way of not missing out on the joy of letting rip in tuneful Harmony.   We have had to learn new limiting ways of doing so many things we had always taken for granted.
Let me take this opportunity to thank all those musicians who glorify our Hymn Singing in our Churches with skilful accompaniment – Rosemary, Philippa, Frances, Clive, Ian and David.   If I have omitted someone’s name here, a special thanks to you.
Remember, Mark tells us in his Gospel that after Jesus and His Disciples had finished their Last Supper together – they sang a Hymn before they went out into the darkness and fear of the Garden of Gethsemane.
Let us make a point of singing out a verse or two of our favourite Hymns, as we do the chores, work in the garden, queue at the Supermarket, lather in the shower.  “The Lord is King, lift up your voice”.
Keep Faithful, Keep Safe.
Best wishes from the Pastoral Group, Joyce, Moira, Gill and Isobel
While we are subject to distancing, be assured the Pastoral Team are keeping up with members by way of phone calls and cards. If you know of anyone who could benefit from a call please let Isobel, Joyce, Gill or Moira know.
From Andrew Barr
The spring weather this year has been just glorious.  All right, if you're a farmer it's been too dry, even if you're a gardener with some burnt patches in the lawn it's been too dry.  Regardless, the sunshine puts a gloss on the beautiful spring landscape.  It brings to my mind two lines from a great old hymn, "All things bright and beautiful, The Lord God made them all".

However, I would also give credit to many others over the decades and centuries that we have also never met in the flesh, namely the estate owners, farmers, and farm employees.  It is they who have enclosed the land, giving it its attractive patchwork appearance, planted the trees, laid the drainage systems, built the stone walls, and so much more.

When I think over the last two paragraphs it brings to mind an old joke.  It features a chap who kept a beautifully tended garden.  One day the minister came past, looked on admiringly, and said, "My, Jock, with the Lord's help you've created a wonderful garden here".  The old lad thought for a moment and replied, " Aye minister, that might be right, but you should have seen what it was like when he had it tae himsel'".

Now I had better not sign off on that note or I might not get writing another entry for a Church newsletter (now there's an idea ).  I rather like to think of it this way.  These people were the progressives of their day, altruistic in outlook, living and working by the old farming maxim of leaving your land better than you had found it, and doing the very best they could to the glory of God's creation.

From the Session Clerk (Monikie & Murroes)
The Church of Scotland recently held a webinar on the future of the Kirk. If you are able to, please watch it:
And keep following the national Church website as it continues to update us on how we could progress in the future. On Friday they posted how the pandemic has changed our usual activities, but the work goes on, with more support needed at this time for CrossReach. To this end they are launching an online donations system to continue to carry out this work.  CrossReach has its own website:
What will Church be like after lockdown, no one knows, but the Church has evidence that online services have reached an audience they were not expecting and they are looking to build on this. The Church of Scotland knows change is needed; this is an opportunity to be part of the discussion.
Please do not forget the Pastoral Group is still available if anyone wishes to contact them.  
I hope you are enjoying the Sunday services and Jean’s podcasts. Both are available on our church website and our Facebook page.  There is also a telephone number available for anyone who does not have the internet who wishes to hear excerpts from the services. It is 01382 768990.
Take care and keep safe.
Kind regards,
Stewardship – Ongoing Offerings and Ways of Giving
While we are unable to meet as congregations on Sundays, please consider whether you can give electronically via a Bank Standing Order.  More details can be found in the notices for week beginning 31st May.
Other pastoral and administrative matters
Any items for inclusion in the weekly news sheet should be sent to Bill by noon on Friday.  Help to keep the congregations informed of any events or happenings in the life of our churches during this time of isolation.  Good news is especially very welcome when there is so much of the opposite coming our way.
Please do not forget that we as a church are still functioning and if you need anything, please contact the Manse (01382 351680 or 07960 312218).
Church Office
Caroline is working from home, generally on a Thursday, and can be contacted by email:
Tealing Community Helpline
tel  07340 476007
Please circulate this number to neighbours, family and friends in the village.
It’s NOT for medical advice about Coronavirus, but is here to help anyone in isolation at home who needs some support, for example with shopping, prescription collection, someone to talk to etc. Please also get in touch if you can offer or need any help. Take care in these challenging times everyone. Many thanks to our hardy (all local and reliable) volunteers for making this possible. 
Sandra Burke
(for Tealing Community Council)
Food Bank
Please keep supporting Taught by Muhammed Food Bank.  There is still a donations box in Sainsburys, Broughty Ferry.  If you are in Lochee or the DD4 postcode area, you can donate at Iffys, 63/65 High Street, Lochee DD2 3AT (8am-7pm) or Iffys,17 Baffin Street  Dundee DD4 6HB (8am-8pm).
Phone a Friend
There are lots of people in our congregations who would love to have a chat, especially those who are on their own.  During this time of lockdown the days can be very long when you have no one else in the house.  If you have the time, why not make someone’s day that little bit brighter.