Visit by Rev. Kate McDonald, Associate Minister, Scots Kirk, Tiberias

Article Date: 22nd June 2017

Kate visited Dundee Presbytery for 10 days at the beginning of June, her first deputation since taking up her post in Tiberias about 18 months ago.  During that time she was hosted by a number of different churches and communities throughout the Presbytery area, including Auchterhouse.
This gave Kate a chance to see some of the countryside and has certainly given her food for thought for future visits – as she said herself, so much closer to Edinburgh Airport than the Highlands (which she loves) but with the peace and quiet of a rural location just the same.  Kate was equally impressed by the beauty and calmness of Auchterhouse Church and its setting.
As the weather cleared, Kate was afforded a splendid view of the area covered by the different parishes which make up the Sidlaw Churches – from Balcalk Hill, where our early Easter morning service is held.
It was wonderful to have this time with Kate – to get to know her, and hear more about her work in Israel and what took her there in the first place (she is an American Episcopalian from South-Western Virginia).  Our future correspondence with her will be so much more meaningful as a consequence.  As one person who met her has said: “She was a lovely person to meet and now know a bit better. A committed Christian and doer of good. Very brave to minister in the region of her choice. Much respect to her.”