Celebrating a Covid Christmas - Dundee Nativity Play goes on as a MOVIE

Article Date: 5th November 2020

 No church nativity play this year, because of Coronavirus?
Some congregations are already planning to use the online version of The Dundee Nativity, in place of their usual home-produced event. This can be used during a socially-distanced church service in your own building, as part of a live-streamed service, or in a worship service recorded on YouTube. As always with The Dundee Nativity, this will be a family-friendly event suitable for all ages, with children encouraged to dress up in their own homes and take part.
With no live performances of The Dundee Nativity this year because of Covid restrictions, the inter-church Dundee Nativity Steering Group is producing, in partnership with Platform Arts, a professionally filmed version of the nativity play, with a launch date of 11th December. We are planning for an online Launch Night when charities, care homes, churches and other organisations can have small gatherings to watch the film as part of a larger celebration, and to foster togetherness. Thereafter, The Dundee Nativity will be available on YouTube and Vimeo to be used on other occasions, such as your own Christmas service.
DUNDEE NATIVITY – THE MOVIE – Celebrating a Covid Christmas is a musical comedy on film, by local Dundee artists and volunteers, designed to be viewed by individuals and groups of any size.  Churches, charities, care-homes and other groups can use this as part of their own event on the official launch date of 11th December, or at a later time of their choice – again and again.
We aim, as in our previous ten years of live performances of The Dundee Nativity, to provide an entertaining and relevant slant on the events of the first Christmas. In this year’s unusual circumstances because of Covid-19, we also aim to bring a message of hope, encouragement and reassurance to all who are struggling with the situation. Through drama, music and dance, we are promoting the celebration of Christmas in a way that is funny, thought-provoking and for all ages.
Thanks to a generous grant from Dundee City Council’s new Festive Fund, we are also able to produce copies of Dundee Nativity – the Movie on DVDs and memory sticks, to be offered to care homes, hospitals, hospices and community centres, and offered more widely, on request. Churches and other places of worship may wish to distribute copies to their housebound and infirm members.
I’ll be sending you all a link to the Launch Night nearer the time, and to access the video thereafter. Meanwhile, for more information about using Dundee Nativity – the Movie as part of your own congregation’s Christmas, please contact allanfwebster@aol.com
If you are unfamiliar with The Dundee Nativity and what it’s about, try watching our three-minute promotional video:
From the Dundee Nativity Team