History - Murroes & Tealing

Murroes has had a church on the same site for over 800 years, with church records dating back to 1202, and in 1203 the King granted Murroes Church a charter.

The current T-plan church by William Smith dates from 1848. The coping on the churchyard wall is carved with texts in English, Latin and Greek. Features of interest include four stained glass windows, pews with doors, and in the gallery, a small organ dating from the 1830s. This organ combines pipes and harmonium reeds and was bought from Balgay Church, Dundee in 1924.

Unfortunately it is no longer playable, but there is a modern, two manual digital organ. The adjacent former manse stable block has recently been restored to provide a hall with kitchen and toilet facilities.

Murroes and Tealing parishes entered into a linkage in 1970, before finally being united in January 1983. The church at Kirkton of Tealing was then closed and was later sold. Sadly, it remains unused and boarded up surrounded by Tealing graveyard.

In 1983 Murroes & Tealing Parish was linked with Auchterhouse Parish to form a new charge which is locally know as the Sidlaw Churches . Following a period of reviewable tenure, the charge was restored to full status by the Presbytery of Dundee in 1998.
Then in September 2009 Murroes & Tealing was united with Monikie & Newbigging to form a single united church with two centres of worship in Murroes and Monikie Churches. The new united church continues to be linked with Auchterhouse.

For a detailed account of the history and architecture of Tealing Church, the University of St Andrews School of Art History has published an online Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches, and this includes the former Tealing Parish Church.