Auchterhouse Kirk Session

Every Church of Scotland is governed by a Kirk Session made up of elders (who can be any age from 18 upwards) with the minister as ‘Moderator’ or chair of its meetings, and a Session Clerk responsible for taking minutes of the meetings and dealing with correspondence.

Technically the Kirk Session is a court — the lowest court of the Church — the others being Presbytery and the General Assembly which is the highest court.

Some churches also have a Congregational Board which deals with finance and property, but Auchterhouse only has a Kirk Session under a Quoad Omnia Constitution which means that the Kirk Session is responsible for all things.

Auchterhouse Kirk Session usually meets in Auchterhouse Church on the fourth Tuesday of the month and its meetings are generally open meetings, although some items of business may be dealt with in private.

See the Church of Scotland website for further information on the eldership: