History - Auchterhouse Church

A church has existed in Auchterhouse since the 13th century. The present building was built in 1630 on the site of an earlier church and some medieval stone window tracery can be seen in the cemetery gateposts.

In 1775 some structural alterations were made, but otherwise the main building remains little changed. The current layout of pulpit and pews dates from c.1910 when the pulpit was moved from the long, south wall and new pews were installed facing east. At the same time, the main entrance door was closed and a new door opened under the tower.

The old doorway in the south wall was recently reopened to provide disabled access, while the door under the tower has now been closed to allow the installation of a disabled toilet under the tower.

In 1983 Auchterhouse Parish was linked with Murroes & Tealing Parish to form a charge which is locally known as the Sidlaw Churches. Following a period of reviewable tenure, the charge was restored to full status by the Presbytery of Dundee in 1998.

In 2009 Murroes & Tealing was united with Monikie & Newbigging, and the new united parish continued its linkage with Auchterhouse.

For a detailed account of the building's history and architecture, the University of St Andrews School of Art History has published an online Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches, and this includes Auchterhouse Parish Church.