Assistant Minister: Rev Mike Mair

Rev Mike Mair has been a minister since last century and retired from action in 2007 after serving in Clydeside, Coventry, Aberdeen and Dundee. He is delighted to have been allowed some extra time to help the congregations of the Sidlaw kirks, during which he has made many new friends. He is hopeful of continuing for as long as his body and brain (!) permit. Now that he has the time he's always eager to talk with members on any matter of concern. He continues his life-long interest in the Hoops FC and the wines of Southern France.

We have been very fortunate that Mike has served as our Locum Minister during the vacancy.  With the induction of Rev. Jean de Villiers taking place on 8th September, Mike has gone on a well-earned holiday to a favourite place in France.

Here is his thank-you letter to the people of the parishes.



Many thanks indeed for all the communal and individual tokens of affection which I received in the past two weeks. I was delighted that Auchterhouse and Murroes recognised my love of the outdoors, while Monikie recognised my love of red wine!
These gifts and the many cards which came from members will remind me the years I’ve shared with you, the many special services we’ve enjoyed together, and that deep belonging in Christ which is sustained across absence and even death. In those years I have learned a lot from you, and appreciated your support. My understanding of the gospel has been deepened by our partnership.
I know that God will continue to bless you all in your new partnership with Jean de Villiers, and that you will retain the  capacity for change and development that you have shown in the past few years.
Eleanor joins me in sending thanks and love.