Current Notices

27th June 2019


The school holidays can be an expensive time for families – not just for treats like ice cream and swimming, but feeding hungry children who receive school meals during term time.  Please spare a little something for the Foodbank with this in mind, and be assured that every single donation makes a difference, while regular donations are particularly appreciated.

Ø  Long life milk, teabags, sugar and biscuits are always needed.

Ø  Volunteers are needed to do deliveries.  These can be made any time on any day, but it is always advisable to ring Amna at the Foodbank to check that someone will be there when you arrive.  Her number is 07912 342283.

We have been supporting TBM (Taught by Mohammed) Foodbank since Rev. Mike Mair was Locum – over two and a half years at least.
BUILDING BRIDGES THROUGH MUSIC: An ensemble of exceptionally talented young Palestinian musicians will come together to play a concert in St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee on Sunday 7th July at 7.30 pm. The programme will comprise Mozart and Mahler piano quartets, and Arabic folk music arranged by the ensemble; refreshments will be available at the interval.  Admission is free but donations will be invited for Palmusic UK, the charity that is supporting Omar, Tibah and Lourdina with scholarships to study at top British conservatoires (in Glasgow, Birmingham & Manchester). 
Pastoral and Administrative Information
Visitors are always welcome.  We have facilities and activities for children of all ages.  If you are unsure of anything, please ask.
At Murroes and Monikie - Spotlight - Sharing, Praising, Offering, Trusting, & Learning In God's House Together.  Spotlight at MNMT will involve messy activities, as well as stories, singing, acting, etc. Children of all ages are very welcome.
If you would like an individual or situation remembered in the prayers of intercession, please jot down a few details in the Prayer Book.
Everyone is invited to come and enjoy refreshments and conversation after the service.  There is a small library in Murroes Church Hall – please browse and borrow, return, and add to our collection.
Contacting the minister: Our minister, Rev. Jean de Villiers, can be contacted by email:
or mobile: 07960 312218
There is an answering machine in the manse which is checked each evening; phone 01382 351680.
Contacting the Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Isobel Brown can be contacted by phone – 01382 580545.
Office hours: Caroline will normally be in the office from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm on Thursdays; if you need to see her, please phone the office just to check that she is there.  Intimations should be emailed by Thursday morning ( There is an office phone and answering machine (01382 350182) which is checked on Thursdays.  The office will be closed on 4th and 11th July.  Intimations for Sundays 7th and 14th July should be emailed to Bill Harper - by the previous Thursday.