Silent Auction of Talents and Promises

Article Date: 5th April 2018

This will be held on Friday 22nd June, starting at 7.30 pm, in Monikie Memorial Hall. 

Tickets cost £2 per person. 

What is a Silent Auction?

  • All will be explained on the night, but the following hints may be helpful:

1.       Choose from the catalogue the items you want to bid for.

2.       When bidding starts, find the table on which your item is described.

3.       Enter the number you received on entry and place your bid.

4.       The reserve price is indicated in the catalogue.  All bids should be in multiples of £1.

5.       Keep checking to ensure your bid is still the highest – if not, re-enter your bid.

6.       Purchases must be paid for on the night or the next highest bid will win.

7.       Successful bidders will receive a paper with the description of the item,

name and telephone number of the donor, who should be contacted as soon as possible.

Some suggestions of talents and promises that might be made:

·         2 x 5 kg bags potatoes (named variety)

·         large pot of lentil broth

·         5 hours’ Maths tuition for senior secondary pupil

·         luxury chocolate cake

·         invitation for 3 people to have lunch at my home

·         2 hours of ironing

·         guided walk in Angus Glens to suit all tastes

·         1 load farmyard manure

·         return transport to Ninewells Hospital

·         Sunday mystery tour ending with afternoon tea

·         tidy garden and cut grass

·         3 carrot cakes – made over 3 months

·         hand-knitted garment – for adult or child

·         computer tuition – beginners or advanced

·         traybake of millionaire’s shortbread

·         3 course meal for 2 – to be collected (1 week’s notice required)

·         full car valet, inside and out

·         game of grass bowls

·         play bagpipes at wedding or other function

·         draw up will of normal complexity

·         3 Portuguese lessons (1 hour each)


For more information, please contact one of the following:

·         your Elder (if you are a Church member)

·         Margaret Arbuckle – 01382 370219

·         Moira McLaren – 07913 987262