Church Links

The Church of Scotland

To access the Church of Scotland website use this link: Church of Scotland 

To download Dundee Presbytery's Property Handbook

The new 2016 Property Handbook should be useful to congregational Property Convenors. To download a copy, use this link: Dundee Property Handbook 2016

To subscribe to 'Life & Work'

'Life & Work' is the monthly Magazine of the Church of Scotland. To subscribe, use this link: Life & Work

To explore a sense of call to Ministry

To explore a sense of call to ministry in the Church of Scotland use this link: Tomorrow's Calling or, if you are aged between 18 and 25 and interested in spending a ‘gap’ year serving in a parish and community on a voluntary basis, have a look at this video: 

To access the Presbytery of Dundee website (currently needing updated) use this link: Dundee Presbytery